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1. How much time does the Make-up Artist (MUA) need during an outfit change?

Please allow around 45mins to 1 hour for outfit change. This is for touching up of make-up and change in hair-do and hijab styling. Please include this amount of time in your wedding itinerary.

2. Will there be any extra charges if I request for a re-application of make-up?

Yes. There will be a charge of $120 for reapplication of make-up. Reapplication are for clients who need to remove the make-up to perform prayers during intervals or if any couple holds 2 events on the same day but are far apart. E.g. nikah 10am and dinner at 8pm. Re-application of make-up needs 2 hours.

3. How much do you charge if I need my MUA to stay longer?

Number of hours of service is stated in each package. Additional hours will be charged at $50/hr. Usually MUA will leave after the last outfit so that you can wear the outfit till the rest of the day. The make-up will stay nicely till end of function so you don’t really need MUA to stay throughout.

4. Would you provide inner tee for the outfits if required?

We will provide matching inner tees for all outfits but we do not provide inner ninjas due to hygiene purpose, for those who require hijab styling. Please prepare your own ninjas preferably in white or nude colour.

5. Is a final fitting session required and if yes, when will it be?

Clients do not require a final fitting session if there are no alterations needed for the outfit. In the case where a final fitting session is needed, it will be done 7-10 days before the wedding date.

6. What do I bring/wear for a fitting session?

We highly recommend you to invest in a good bra/body corset and bring it along with you for fitting. If possible, please bring along or put on a tight fitting tee or tank top and tights during selection of outfits. For those in hijab, we recommend that you come in a white/neutral/nude coloured hijab during your fitting sessions.

7. How much is trial make-up?

Trial make-up is $90 and will be subject to availability of MUA and done only on weekdays.

8. How much is duit kipas?

Duit Kipas is charged at $120 and to be given to the mak-andam on the wedding day itself. Duit Kipas is only applicable for Princess, Queen, King and Royale Packages.

9. Do I have to collect/return my outfits?

For rental of outfits, engagement and nikah packages, you are required to collect and return the items on your own. Collections are to be done 1 day before event and return 1 day after event. For Princess, Queen, King and Royale package, we will deliver your outfits to one stated venue 1 day before the event and you will be required to return all dresses latest 1 day after event in good condition.



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